The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice

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During the Coronavirus pandemic we continue to offer individual, group and couple psychotherapy as well as supervision and other consultations remotely using online platforms and telephone







Group members come with a range of presenting issues, so each group will consist of people who have different concerns they want to explore.


Common themes are relationships, work, anxiety, depression, social isolation, anger, difficulties with communication, difficulties with identity


Group members are mixed in gender and age but there are specific groups for younger adults and a later life group at this Practice


The groups last for an hour and a half.  They are at the same time on the same day and in the same place each time.


Some groups are once weekly, others are held twice weekly.


The groups consist of up to eight members and the therapist.


Before joining the group, members have an assessment which may take several sessions.


Every effort is made to ensure that group members do not know each other.


When joining a group, members agree to keep confidential anything that is talked about in the group, and any information about other group members


In the interests of confidentiality, meeting other members outside the group is strongly discouraged.


There will be a fee for assessment.