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Morris Nitsun


Morris Nitsun is a consultant clinical psychologist in Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust in London, formerly head of psychology and psychotherapy in the North-East Thames NHS Mental Health Trust for thirty years. He is a senior group analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) and private practitioner at the Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice, London.


His work spans individual and group psychotherapy and he runs weekly and twice-weekly groups. He is actively involved in the development of group psychotherapy training, both as a training analyst at IGA and a senior trainer and supervisor in the NHS. With considerable experience as a clinician and manager, he also undertakes organizational consultation to individuals and groups, drawing on his concept of ‘The Organizational Mirror’. He is a widely published author and his books, “The Anti-group – destructive forces in the group and their creative potential” (1996) and “The Group as an Object of Desire – exploring sexuality in group psychotherapy” (2006), have been described as “classics in the field”. He has lectured and run workshops across the world and has presented keynote speeches at national and international conferences. He was the first British group analyst to be invited to give the Slavson Memorial Lecture in the USA in 1998 and he presented the Foulkes Lecture (a prestigious European annual event) in London in May 2009 on the subject “Authority and Revolt: challenges to group leadership”


He is also a practising artist whose interest in art informs his practice, teaching and writing. His next exhibition of paintings will be on 20 September - 11 October 2015 in London at the Highgate Contemporary Arts gallery.


See his article “Strength in Numbers”.


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