What is group analytic therapy?



Group analysis is a specialized approach to understanding and treating problems in groups, where the presence of others strengthens and enriches the therapeutic experience. Our practice is distinguished by our commitment to this approach. We are all members of the Institute of Group Analysis in London where most of us are training analysts and actively involved in the development of this form of psychotherapy which can be applied to individuals, couples and group, as well as organizational process. There is increasing research evidence to suggest that the approach is effective for a variety of conditions. Rather than diluting therapy, it adds an important new dimension.



Services We Offer:


Group psychotherapy

Once and twice weekly mixed sex groups for younger and older adults


Individual psychotherapy

Long-term relationally focused psychotherapy as well as brief individual psychotherapy


Couple therapy  

Two therapists work with a couple, together and separately



Both individual and group supervision: also organisational supervision, staff support and reflective practice groups in the workplace



Expert mentoring in areas such as leadership, communication and public speaking


Organisational consultation

We consult to organisations in difficulty and those wishing to improve the workforce dynamic. Our understanding of group processes has proven invaluable to those managing stressful situations

The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice

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