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We are a leading London psychotherapy practice specialising in group therapy

Our groups provide safe, carefully managed settings for sharing insights, growing self-knowledge and exploring new directions. We now work both face-to-face from our London practice, and online.

Our philosophy:
the value of each other

Our relationships define the way we think about ourselves.  But we live in a fractured, sometimes lonely world where it’s often hard to connect with other people. Our self esteem and confidence, our ability to lead constructive, creative lives can feel very fragile.

At The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice we have a long-standing expertise in a distinctive form of psychotherapy that helps people strengthen their ability to make relationships and to better understand and manage the feelings that emerge during this process.
In a secure, hard-working setting, which demands as much commitment from the group member as it does from the group conductor, Group Therapy provides a place for exploration and  for discovering new insights in the process of a shared experience.      

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Group therapy

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Group therapy

What it is

Group psychotherapy is a specialized approach to understanding and treating problems in groups, where the presence of others strengthens and enriches the therapeutic experience, what we call ‘the value of each other’. We are specialists in group therapy and have the expertise necessary to guide you through it.

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Who it's for

There is no model candidate for group therapy. Our groups are mixed gender and age, ethnicity and sexuality, although we do have specific groups for younger and later life adults. People who join the groups come with a range of issues, often concerning family, relationships, work, social concerns, anxiety, loss, bereavement, depression. It will be possible to explore what a group has to offer you in the pre-group consultations you would be offered before joining.

We offer both once-weekly or twice-weekly mixed sex groups for younger and older adults. Groups meet for 90 minutes at a regular time over a minimum of 40 weeks per year at our London practice


Our groups meet either early in the morning or in the evenings to facilitate attendance around typical office hours.

Why it's effective

It’s not uncommon to approach this kind of therapy with trepidation or to fear that you’re not getting the same value as you might by meeting one-to-one. But group therapy is perfectly tailored to the challenges of the modern world.


By listening to and advising one another, group therapy participants find practical solutions from other people’s experiences, relief at knowing their feelings are shared and a sense of hope in seeing others who have already had some success.


The act of sharing prepares us for the reciprocal nature of daily life and nurtures the skills we need to form meaningful relationships in a world where this is increasingly difficult.

Read more about the effectiveness of group therapy in the article "Strength in Numbers" .

Online Group Therapy

Since lockdown we have continued our services online and have been very busy conducting group therapy over Zoom. 


We have worked hard to adapt our techniques and approaches to Zoom audiences, allowing us to continue to reach patients in these difficult times and to extend our service to people who live further away.


Naturally, e-safety and confidentiality have been our absolute priorities as we have moved online. We have taken every possible precaution to ensure that our groups are as secure as possible.

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Practice Matters

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Black Lives Matter and our therapy practice

The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice recognises that society is permeated by racism and structural inequality. This has led to historical and contemporary discrimination and to the persistent exploitation of black people and other people of colour.


We are committed to addressing these issues in our work with all clients by acknowledging racism in both its overt, verbal and physically violent forms and also in the implicit racism expressed through micro-aggressions and disenfranchisements.


We recognise and acknowledge that the structural nature of racism entails that it will inevitably emerge in the psychotherapeutic relationship and we endeavour to address and explore this in a spirit of openness. 

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