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Group analysis is a specialized approach to understanding problems experienced by the individual within the treatment setting of a group, where the presence of others strengthens and enriches the therapeutic experience. As an approach, Group Analysis places the social nature of the human being firmly at the centre.  Our practice is distinguished by our commitment to this framework. We are all members of the Institute of Group Analysis in London where we are training analysts and actively involved in the development of this form of psychotherapy.
Although our main focus is on the provision of therapy in a group setting, the principles are applicable to other modes of therapy. Some members of our team are also trained in other approaches (see Team biographies).

Services we offer

Group Analytic Psychotherapy
We offer both once-weekly or twice-weekly mixed sex groups for younger and older adults. Groups meet for 90 minutes at a regular time over a minimum of 40 weeks per year.  Our groups meet either early in the morning or in the evenings to facilitate attendance around “office hours”.
Individual Psychotherapy
We are able to provide both long-term relationally focused individual psychotherapy as well as brief psychotherapy for those preferring this modality, perhaps (but not necessarily) as a precursor to eventually transferring into a group. Individual psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes and may be once, twice or three times a week, depending on requirements.

Couple therapy

“Couple” therapy offers the opportunity to explore aspects of relationships with a partner that might be causing difficulties, with the aim of opening up communication and facilitating new ways of relating. The relationship may be in crisis, or couples may want to work on more chronic dissatisfactions or deepening their existing relationship. Therapists may work with a couple, both together and separately at flexible intervals as negotiated with the therapist.


Supervision is offered to practitioners in both individual and group supervision settings. We also offer organisational supervision, staff support and reflective practice groups in the workplace.


We provide expert mentoring in areas such as leadership, communication and public speaking. 

Organisational Consultation

We consult to organisations in difficulty and those wishing to improve the workforce dynamic. Our understanding of group processes has proven invaluable to those managing stressful situations.
Within our relational framework, and in the contexts of both individual and group psychotherapy, we treat a variety of conditions that affect mental health and well-being. These include:
Panic disorder
Social anxiety
Covid-related difficulties
Trauma based problems
Childhood abuse
Obsessive-compulsive conditions
Psychosexual problems
Identity difficulties
Low self-esteem
Career problems
Work stresses
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Arrange a consultation

In order for us to select the member of our psychotherapy team best placed to respond, it would be helpful if you could fill out our pre-consultation form.

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